Technical Bulletin 926

Smart Seal pool paint and primers help make resurfacing easy!

NOTE: SMART SEAL makes no implied warranty of merchantability, no implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and no other warranty, either express or implied, concerning its products.

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Diving Board Care

Diving Board Kit Slip-Proof Coating for Diving Boards

Individual boards are refinished by using SAFE SEAL Diving Board Kits.
The kits are packaged for all types of boards and in following colors: SS100 White; SS102 Blue Heaven.
Each kit contains the SAFE SEAL, the SAFE SEAL catalyst, a roller cover, solvent and cleaning crystals. Each kit contains materials sufficient for 25 sq. ft., or an 8ft Board.


This SAFE SEAL is a two-package system. The smaller can contains the catalyst for SAFE SEAL. SAFE SEAL base containers are “short filled” to leave space to add the catalyst. The catalyst is added in the following ratio: To each quart can of SAFE SEAL, add the 1/2 pint of catalyst. Mix thoroughly, using drill with mix attachment, after adding catalyst and wait according to induction schedule for the proper chemical reaction to complete its cycle before application begins. The “pot life” of this mixture is 4 hours, so do not mix more than can be used in this period. SAFE SEAL can be applied by brush or roller.

The surface must be clean and free from grease and oil. Use cleaning crystals included, following instructions. SAFE SEAL will age and become harder in seven days, but must allow 24 hours drying time before it is ready for use.

SAFE SEAL should be well mixed and after following induction schedule on label. It should be poured on the surface and rolled out using the special roller cover included in the kit. For necessary thinning and cleaning of equipment, use #1109 Solvent. Thin no more than 10%. Only an epoxy solvent will work with SAFE SEAL. It should be applied on a surface free from oil, grease, wax, dirt, or any other residue. It has perfect adhesion to clean surfaces.

To clean, mix the enclosed cleaning crystals with one gallon of water. Apply liberally and scrub. Rinse immediately and allow to dry.

SAFE SEAL must not be applied when either the surface or the air temperature is under 50° F (10° C). When the metal is polished or unusually slick, it is difficult for the product to secure adequate adhesion. For best adhesion, we suggest that these slick surfaces be marred, scratched or scored with coarse emery paper in order to create a “mechanical bond”.


Sand the fiberglass surface and apply one coat of SAFE SEAL. Clean according to previous instructions. When coating diving boards, edges must be masked with masking tape. DO NOT leave tape on until the SAFE SEAL becomes too hard or it will be difficult to remove. The edges can then be painted with our epoxy enamel of your selected color.


Set to touch: 2 hours at 75 F° (23.9° C)
Drying Time: SAFE SEAL - 24 hours before permitting traffic (depending on temperature)
Viscosity: Light Paste
Solvent: #1109 for SAFE SEAL
Coverage: 20 - 25 sq. ft. per quart


Keep away from heat and open flame. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor. Close container after each use. Areas of body or clothing on contact with uncured resin and/or catalyst should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent and washed with soap and water immediately. Use only where there is adequate ventilation.


Information herein given has been accumulated through many years of experience and verified by our technical personnel and is based upon tests believed to be reliable, but RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.