Technical Bulletin 918

Smart Seal pool paint and primers help make resurfacing easy!

NOTE: SMART SEAL makes no implied warranty of merchantability, no implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and no other warranty, either express or implied, concerning its products.

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How To Apply Epoxy for New, Rough, Fiberglass, Sandblasted Surfaces

ROUGH PRIME: Primer for New, Rough, Fiberglass and Sandblasted Surfaces

This epoxy primer should also be used as a filler primer for newly gunited surfaces. It is also an excellent material to fill holes, depressions and pits in all interior concrete or plaster pools. It will smooth up a rough surface and provide a smooth base for the succeeding coat of DURA SEAL. ROUGH PRIME is also to be used on rough plaster, fiberglass and sandblasted surfaces.


Catalyst is under the lid in a separate container for use in 5-gallon cans for ROUGH PRIME. It is in a separate container when it is to be mixed with either quarts or gallons. IMPORTANT! Be certain to remove all the catalyst from the can when mixing with the base. Stir very thoroughly. We strongly recommend the use of an electric mixer to achieve proper mixing of any two-component material. Wait according to the induction schedule. All ROUGH PRIME containers are short filled to allow room for the addition of the catalyst. When the catalyst is added, it will fill the container.

For best results, the entire surface to be coated must be acid cleaned before applying ROUGH PRIME. This removes loose grit and unsound surface materials. After acid washing, the surface should be washed with tri-sodium phosphate in order to neutralize and remove all traces of acid. The surface should then be hosed off.


ROUGH PRIME Flash Point: Above 105°F

Solvent: #1109 Epoxy Solvent - Flash Point: above 105°F

Minimum Recoating Time of ROUGH PRIME with DURA SEAL:
4 hours @ 90°F
6 hours @ 80°F to 85°F
Overnight below 75°F


Maximum Recoating Time of ROUGH PRIME with DURA SEAL: 48 hours

Pot Life:
Approx. 4 hours @ 85°F
Approx. 6 hours @ 75°F
Approx. 8 hours @ 60°F

1/2 hour @ 85°F or above
1 hour @ 65°F to 85°F

NOTE! Above 85°F, use immediately after mixing thoroughly with catalyst. Do not mix 5-gallon containers unless you can use within 30 to 40 minutes. The smaller the quantity mixed at one time, the longer the pot life. Always store and mix in a cool place.

NOTE! Pot life and working time can be increased by thinning 5% to 10% with #1109 Epoxy Solvent. Highly recommended when surface temperatures exceed 90°F.

Curing Schedule - Before Filling Pool:
3 days @ 75°F and up
5 days @ 65°F to 70°F
4 days @ 70°F to 70°F
6 days @ 60°F to 65°F

Dust Free Drying Time:
All epoxy products:
1 hour @ 95°F
1 1/2 hours @ 85°F
2 hours @ 80°F
2 1/2 hours @ 75°F
3 hours below 70°F

Square Feet per Gallon:
ROUGH PRIMe: 125 to 150 sq. ft. per gallon
DURA SEAL: 125 to 175 sq. ft. per gallon

Can Stability:
All products: 2 years or over

Ageing Period - After Mixing and Before Application for:
ROUGH PRIME and DURA SEAL: See Induction Schedule on label

Applied Film Thickness:
ROUGH PRIME: 8 to 12 mils
DURA SEAL: 10 to 12 mils


Keep away from heat and open flame. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor. Close container after each use. Areas of body or clothing on contact with uncured resin and/or catalyst should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent and washed with soap and water immediately. Use only where there is adequate ventilation.


Information herein given has been accumulated through many years of experience and verified by our technical personnel and is based upon tests believed to be reliable, but RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.