Technical Bulletin 916

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How To Apply PRIME IT! Two-Part Pool Epoxy


PRIME IT! is a two-part epoxy primer designed for use on wet or dry concrete or plaster pool surfaces. When used according to these instructions, PRIME IT! seals these bare surfaces and provides a perfect base for chemical acceptance of DURA SEAL (1 coat) epoxy finish.

PRIME IT! is required on bare surfaces to seal in acid salts, hydrates, and other undesirable elements which normally migrate to the surface. These elements (when not sealed off) could result in poor adhesion and performance of the pool coatings. Do not use PRIME IT! over other coating or on metal or fiberglass, only on smooth, bare concrete or plaster.

NOTE! SMART SEAL ROUGH PRIME is very thick in consistency and should be used when these surfaces are extremely rough, pitted or porous, i.e., a newly gunite surface that is “finished off.” ROUGH PRIME should also be used on concrete block and fiberglass.


In order for PRIME IT! to successfully penetrate and seal the surface to be coated, the bare surface must be sound and freed of contaminants such as oils and mineral deposits. The cleaning process consists of three steps.

First, to remove oily residue, scrub the surface with tri-sodium phosphate and water. Mix 8 ounces of tri-sodium phosphate to each gallon of warm water. Use liberally and pay careful attention to the water line and drain where oils tend to accumulate. Scrub in 10 foot sections, hosing off with water after each section.

Next, the surface should be acid etched with a 10 to 20 percent solution of muriatic acid. A solution of 2lbs sulfamic crystals per gallon of water is also acceptable. One gallon solution will etch 100 sq. ft. Acid etching “burns” away contaminants unaffected by the tri-sodium phosphate. Acid etching also opens millions of microscopic pores in the surface which allow PRIME IT! to adequately penetrate. (Smart Seal Bulletin #941 gives complete acid etching information). The person participating in acid etching should wear rubber boots, rubber gloves and goggles.

The third step is to again scrub the surface with tri-sodium phosphate solution to neutralize the acid. Upon completion, rinse with water.


One can contains the base portion and is to be thoroughly mixed with the catalyst at the rate of one part catalyst to three parts PRIME IT!. Be sure to remove all the catalyst from its separate container. It is best to mix using an electric drill equipped with a mixing attachment. Mix until all traces of the catalyst disappear plus three additional minutes. After the catalyst has been thoroughly mixed, PRIME IT! may be applied. No induction time is necessary. For expediency, you may want to mix two or three gallons at a time in a clean plastic bucket.


PRIME IT! is best applied by rolling with a 1/2” nap roller. A brush may also be used for trimming; however, do not brush out too thin. Always apply liberally. It is very important to completely seal the surface. On saturated surfaces PRIME IT! should be applied without thinning. If necessary, (i.e., hot day, dry or very smooth plaster) thin with one pint of water for each gallon of PRIME IT!.

PRIME IT! works equally well when surfaces are wet. However, standing water, or puddles, should be allowed to dissipate before application. If the surface is exceedingly wet, PRIME IT! may appear to dilute. Therefore, be sure to totally cover the surface. PRIME IT!, however, will not block hydrostatic pressure such as underground steams. See PHYSICAL DATA for further information.

Do not apply to surfaces that are less than 50°F.


Description: A two-component water-based epoxy primer for application on wet or dry concrete or plaster.

Application: PRIME IT! should be applied liberally using a 1/2” nap roller cover. Adequate coverage will depend on the degree of wetness of the surface.

Thinning: Thinning is not recommended on saturated surfaces. On dry surfaces, thin 10% to 15% with water.

Clean-up: When wet, PRIME IT! can be cleaned up with water. However, when allowed to dry or “set-up”, it will be necessary to use #1109 solvent for cleaning.

Pot Life: Approximately 2 hours at 90°F
Approximately 4 hours at 70°F

Packaging: Quarts, gallons

Induction Time: None

Coverage: Smooth surface : 200 to 250 sq. ft.

Curing Time of PRIME IT! Before Recoating with DURA SEAL: Minimum - overnight Maximum - 48 hours
(Minimum cure time may be longer if air temperature is very cool at night).

Flash Point: Above 105°F

Shelf Life: 2 years

VOC Quantity: PRIME IT! contains .9 lbs/gallon of volatile organic compounds.


Information herein given has been accumulated through many years of experience and verified by our technical personnel and is based upon tests believed to be reliable, but RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.