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PATIO PERFECT Water Base Non-Slip Coating

How to Apply the PATIO PERFECT Water Base Non-Slip Coating

PATIO PERFECT deck coatings are lightly textured, slip-resistant top coatings specifically formulated for use on concrete pool decks and patios. They are available in six stock colors.

One big advantage to using PATIO PERFECT on a deck finish is that you may paint over cracked or broken concrete that has been repaired thereby concealing any substrate damage. PATIO PERFECT has been tested for durability and bonding strength under the most severe conditions. It has proven to be a high quality, low cost way to improve the appearance of concrete pool decks and patio areas. Because PATIO PERFECT is a water based acrylic, it can be applied to wet concrete.


Surface must be free of grease, suntan oil, body oil, dirt and foreign matter. First sweep the area vigorously to remove all loose material. Then, scrub with a solution of tri-sodium phosphate at a ratio of eight ounces to one gallon of water. This will remove oils which prevent adhesion. Hose off immediately with water. At that point, it is best to acid wash the surface with 10% solution of muriatic acid, or 2 lbs sulfamic acid crystals per gallon of water. Each gallon solution etches approximately 100 sq. ft. This creates pores to allow adhesion. Hose off, and then repeat the tri-sodium phosphate procedure to neutralize any remaining acid. If not neutralized, acid-salts will form and impede PATIO PERFECT performance. Hose off one last time.

First Coat: Surface may be wet but do not roll PATIO PERFECT through standing water or puddles. On bone-dry surfaces, thin one pint per gallon with water. Use a 1/2” nap roller cover on smooth surfaces. Use a 3/4” nap roller cover on rougher surfaces. Flow on slowly and evenly. Avoid overspreading. Do not apply when air or surface temperature is under 50°F. Avoid rolling during a very hot, midday sun.

Drying Time: May be recoated in four hours in warm weather 80°F or above, longer in cooler weather. PATIO PERFECT should be given 24 hours curing time before foot traffic is allowed.

Clean Up: Clean application equipment with water immediately after use.


PATIO PERFECT will adhere to most other paints; however, any glossy areas should be sanded before recoating. Any peeling or flaking paint must also be removed before recoating.

Coverage: First Coat - 80 to 100 square feet (7.4 to 9.3 sq. meters) per gallon (depending on the porosity of the surface)

Second Coat: Average 125 sq. ft. (12 sq. meters) per gallon

Dry Time: Set to touch in 1 hour

Recoating Time: 4 hours over 80°F (28°C)
Overnight under 80°F (28°C) Ready for Foot Traffic: 24 hours

Solvent and Clean-up: Water

Packaging: Gallons and 5 gallon containers


Information herein given has been accumulated through many years of experience and verified by our technical personnel and is based upon tests believed to be reliable, but RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.